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“If we hope to overcome the ocean of darkness in the world, we must first light a candle in our own hearts….committing oneself to the path of love can be the most revolutionary way to change the world.”

 Robert Lawrence Smith, A Quaker Book of Wisdom.

Education in its most basic meaning is a form of scholarship in which information, abilities, and traditions of a group of individuals are shifted from one belief system to another. This shift create areas in which data is gathered through philosophy, preparation, inquiries, interaction or simply through autodidacticism (learning on our own or self-learners). Commonly, education is experiential in the sense that it emerges within settings, which offers foundational result on the perceptions, feelings, and behavioral patterns of those receiving and providing this scholarship.

At the Interfaith Center of Light (ICL), this construct plays an important part in our spiritual, personal, emotional, and professional developments. Within our forums, we understand and accept the EGO as an innate part of who we are. However; we are careful not to show its sometimes ugly head, when one feels threatened or intimidated because of the knowledge someone else may hold.  Instead, ICL’s learning spaces are designed to offer each person the studentship that she or he seeks. This is offered through genuine and sincere learning environments coupled with effective spiritual educational platforms. To quote DiBella (2001) “The return on learning investments is greater where there is shared recognition of its value. Use time and space in creative ways to build shared reflective processes. Support diverse practices to strengthen learning orientations.” – Amen to that!

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Many blessings,

Rev. M.Charlotte Oliver


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Learning Space:

10700 E. Evans

Aurora, Colorado