Light Leaders’ Interfaith Seminary


We are currently in the creation process of our seminary program. However, our certification programs first availability is September, 2018

Primary concentrations for the Light Leader’s seminary are:

-Interfaith Literacy and Leadership

-Healing East and West

-Ceremony Creation

-Spiritual Directorship


-Professional, Spiritual, and Academic Writing

-Submitting to Professional Journals

-Public Speaking and Presentation

-Various Electives

We are currently seeking out information on accreditation for this program. However, it is the Interfaith Center of Light’s (ICL’s) hope to have several levels of trainings so that everyone holding the required enrollment age can become Light Leaders in his or her own community.

Programs will be offered at our beautiful brick and mortar location and through our professional Learning Management System (LMS) used by many major universities in the world.

Please contact us should you have any question or need further clarification.