Rev. M. Charlotte Oliver is the Founding President and Senior Minister of the Interfaith Center of Light (ICL). A native of Belize, from her childhood, she has served diligently in interfaith ministry through her daily interactions with people of varying faiths and cultures. While attending a Catholic institution in Belize, Rev. Oliver became even more fascinated with religiosity, spirituality, and the cultural and ethnic identifications of all people. In 2012, she embraced God’s divine-ordained purpose to walk in a life of transformative, demonstrative, and restorative ministry. She heeded this calling, and after a two year seminary program, became an ordained minister in 2014.

Additionally, she is an educator, teacher, humanitarian work/community psychologist, organizational development consultant, corporate trainer, pastoral community counselor, researcher, chief resilience officer (CRO), community activist, inspirational speaker, corporate chaplain, and professional peacebuilder. Prior to these works, she served many Fortune 500 hundred firms to include Oracle Corporation and VMware in the areas of market penetration, leadership, strategy, and enterprise transformation. Collaboratively, these abilities have gifted her with the opportunity to serve the young, impoverished, and those who are marginalized, to experience spiritual, social, economic, and professional transformations. One of her favorite quotes is “MANY PEOPLE ARE GOOD AT TALKING ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING, BUT IN FACT DO LITTLE. OTHERS DO A LOT BUT DON’T TALK ABOUT IT; THEY ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE A COMMUNITY LIVE.” ~ Jean Vanier. Through her years of reflection, profound observation, experience, and her personal quietude, the richness of her ministry flows.

Rev. Oliver, a Liberal Quaker, is currently a doctoral candidate in pastoral community counseling, and holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Divinity from the Denver Institute of Urban Studies-a small educational institution focused on community leadership-, a master’s degree in industrial organizational (I-O) psychology, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She has one daughter who she acknowledges to be her greatest spiritual teacher.

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