Actionable Change

Happy September, Collectively, the month of September often brings us significant ecological changes. The weather starts to cool down and plants and trees begin their time of rest. Leaves turn to brilliant colors that enliven and awaken our spirits to the beauty they hold. Yes, this time of the year prepares us for what is […]

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Nurturing Habits

Greetings, We often speak of the importance of being grateful, though not too many of us can say that this is consistent in our day-to-day lives. When the unexpected appears, at times we forget to say thank you for the lessons. Instead, we can become angry, upset, and may shut-down all together. However, what we […]

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Positivity! A strong influence on achieving goals.

Greetings! The four stages of learning any skill developed at the Gordon Training Center speaks of four competences that exist in each person. The one that we find the most profound is “conscious skill”. It is our thought that positivity resides in every person, despite relationships, everyday environments, biological factors, and learned thoughts. Yet, in […]

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