A Quick February Hello!


Now that you have set your resolutions for 2018, and sticking to them 🙂 we thought we’d say hello, and express how much we appreciate your presence in our growing circle. Since we last touched base, we’ve added several highlights to our programs:

Firstly, we’ve moved our Multifaith Sacred Community Circle to the second Saturday of each month. Until we have a part-time minister in place, we felt that this was the only way we could continue to build on our programs for 2018.

In addition, we are settling nicely into our new shared multicultural space, hosted by Mountain View United Church, where we partner with several organizations such as the Rocky Mountain Welcome Center, the African Leadership Group, and Focus Points. As a team, it is our sincere goal to serve humanity through multifaith platforms, leadership and language classes, peace initiatives, and much more.

Furthermore, we have invited Melissa Ravenstar to step in to guide us through our holistic care modalities. Melissa is a Shamanic practitioner and reiki healer. We are very grateful to have her in our corner.

And…finally, we are in the last stages of completing our online learning management system (LMS) to offer our classes and programs globally, as well as our multicultural center.

Whew! We have much going on as you can see. Despite this, we want you to know that you matter. If we can assist you in anyway, please reach out. Through some of our programs and those of our friends and partners, it is our hope that we can support you as best we know how.

Enjoy this month,


The ICL Team!