Living in Gratitude: Symbols of the Season

Even though I realize that this longing won’t be possible once again this year, I have wanted to be in Bora Bora on Thanksgiving ever since my first visit so many years ago. However, family and friends continue to inspire me to be still and to pause.

In Tennessee, remnants of Halloween and the autumn season are gradually being replaced by holiday greenery galore. In Colorado, snow capped mountains to the west of Denver reminds us of more changing of the seasons to come. To be an element of both regions, though different, allows me the opportunity to know such gracious people who come from all walks of life.

Many are unable to be with family during this time of the year. Even so, gratitude of the season remains. It is said that friends come as they go… Nonetheless, for some, during this month of gratitude and at other times of the year, friends are family. And, a special meal with family’s various symbols is a wonderful way to reflect during the holiday season.

When we are managing shopping, making homemade gifts, and attending many gatherings, it is very easy to lay focus on these effects, instead of what the season truly embodies.  Living a life of gratitude offers us special moments to appreciate what is. It is being thankful for the farmer who grew the vegetables for our meals, to recognizing and thanking the grocery clerk who assisted us with our purchase. And, if you are like me, and grew your own vegetables over the summer months, take time to thank the soil that welcomed those very seeds.

The journey home for the holidays may simply mean allowing time for inner reflection on what it is that truly touches your core. Maybe it is the colors of autumn or the smell of pumpkin pie. Perhaps, it is recognizing that you are loved within your chosen communities, evoking a sense of belonging. Or maybe, just maybe…it is in the understanding that peace on earth must begin with you. To be effective, outside interventions are highly reliant on inside beliefs. This collaboration permits you to transform from the foundations of your own beauty.

Move toward Light always. Spiritual wealth lives there. Light is compassionate and offers empathy even when we mess up. Light brightens in gratitude, and affords us the occasion to move into higher realms of Divine. Living a life of gratitude is a clear representation of this. Do hold it near…

May you have the most beautiful Thanksgiving,

Rev. O