Actionable Change


Collectively, the month of September often bring us significant ecological changes. The weather starts to cool down and plants and trees begin their time of rest. Leaves turn to brilliant colors that enliven and awaken our spirits to the beauty they hold. Yes, this time of the year prepares us for what is to come as we await the core visible components of noteworthy change that are both external and even internal.

As our review of this remarkable time of the year become clear, we understand that September is most definitely a time for introspection and preparedness. Elements of Hallow’s Eve and Spiritual Celebrations are often in every space we turn. And, depending on our beliefs, indeed, the dramatic inflow of such elements can become overwhelming for some more than others.

Importantly though, what changes are you hoping to see in yourself during this preponderance of external alterations? We all know that change from all angles can be difficult to adhere to. Yet, there is always the mantra that “Change is Good”. But what is it good for? This is the question we must ask before embarking on a pathway of internal modification. Good as an adjustable direction when produced through interior change, may touch numerous aspects of our lives. It can be made manifest through our compassion for others or even through “actionable” steps toward healing self and in assisting those who share our everyday places.

There are many self-assumed descriptors that people who declare to be “change agents” use.  However, even those in this line of work, must step back and consider the deviations within their personal being needing to be realized.  No one is perfect, we are in this thing together!  As a starting point, accept this as your truth and prepare to apply contemplative and actionable methods in the direction of achievement.

As Kahlil Gibran wrote so long ago “Accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.”  Protect your heart while nurturing your fields. Exercise your right to quietude during this time of granular personal perception, and share your thoughts with your supportive squad.

The big factor in the process is coming to the realization that Good requires a momentous turning point in times of chaos.  Yet, Love remains in the chaos and will assist you in crowning your verity. Breathe, embrace silence, and take action toward your upward good.

If we can assist you in the process, please reach out.

Rev. O.