Spiritual Independence

July is a month I often view as a time that we as a nation can give thanks for our independence from the country that bounded us. It also affords me with a time to reflect on my own notion of independence, specifically in a spiritual nature.

Growing up in a country in Central America, I was tied to one faith, the faith of my father. After my migration to the United States, though still deeply embedded in this faith, the veil was slowly lifted from my eyes. In my home country the environment was a melting pot with many religions and spiritual adaptations, which I was allowed, by my mother, to partake in through experiences and lovely relationships. Yet, my spiritual comfort was always in my personal relationship with God.

This changed, as I moved into adulthood living in America. My inquisitive nature was risen by my drives through quaint neighborhoods and the vision of crosses, golden steeples, Ganesha, and the like. I was curious about what happened in these buildings of intrigue. Fear was released and I entered each to learn more and to be more. This began my first steps to what I now perceive as my personally crafted spiritual independence where I view God as the Great Mystery. The One, I know from spiritual guidelines, and yet, the one I long to know more intimately. My spiritual independence is an open book that allows me the opportunity to understand God in many contexts, grounded in cultural identities and spiritual variations.

Today, as a minister trained in interfaith principles, I am finally home. My spiritual freedom encompasses all that is right, intriguing, just, and humanly-fair. My daily walk provides me the opportunity to live in principles that were practiced so many years ago, while still honoring this God I’ve known all of my life.

Whatever you believe, I honor you with no judgements. Continue your walk of harmony and peace. The world needs you!


Rev. O