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“Peace among religions is a precondition for world peace. But religions, as religions, can
never be at peace with each other. To enable religions to be instruments for peace we
need to enable, first, religious communities to progress from religion to spirituality. For
the world order to be one of peace and justice, for the global village to be a theater of
right livelihood, it is imperative that a new and proactive spiritual vision commensurate
to the challenges of the emerging world order be enunciated without delay. The challenge
is to make “right livelihood” a universal goal. Recognizing this value in a symbolic way
through an award like this is a significant step in the right direction. This is not, however,
our journey’s end. We must not rest until right livelihood is within reach of every human
being upon this earth we love and cherish. We all have a role to play in achieving this
— Swami Agnivesh

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