The Awakened Equinox

The unusual warm days in Colorado has placed some friends in a spring fever kind of mood. It is contagious as it is welcoming. I especially appreciate conversations that are historical in nature based on childhood experiences and how some of those same experiences are incorporated into present lives through the events of our children.

For many, current happenings have led us into deep reflection and a bit of concern. Yet, we know that despite setbacks, we can move forward. The spring equinox is a perfect place to start as we seek out simpler and more enriching lives; for ourselves, those in our circles, and those we continue to serve.

It is my belief that it is through our own knowledge, skills, and awareness that we can dismantle tribal divisions that separate and harm. Within this framework, ICL continues to offer classes and programs that can break down walls of misunderstandings, hate, and untruths.

Spring is truly a time of awakening, so let’s take advantage of the many facets of its veracity. This season, whether you are motivated to take a class with us, plant seeds, connect more with those who know your roots or simply just be still and wait for answers; know that we support you in whatever path you take. All we asked is that you do so with kindness and generosity, while acknowledging each person you meet as truly an element of universal presence. Consistent work on these minimal things can offer us such satisfying medicine to our souls.

Rev. O