A Good Life


As we move into the New Year, 2017, it is my hope that the first month of this New Year has provided you with good health, clarity, and continued abundance. With so much uncertainty in our nation and the world today, it is imperative to live in optimism that all will be well. Here at ICL, we steadily spend our days holding light and praying for world peace as we build on our own intellectual property constructed on compassion, grace, and a good life.

Thich Nhat Hahn wrote, “We are very good at preparing to live, but not very good at living.” In the song Inna Life, the artist Vershon shared, “You were born to live, so don’t live because you were born.

It is my belief, that it is a perfectly fine to fight for injustices in the world. Yet, everyday challenges that cause us much grief can often be resolved through “peaceful thought”; a form of thinking I describe as a ‘secondhand’ emotion. If we allow it to be, this form of emotion can appear right after we’ve been dealt with uncomfortable feelings, blatant disrespect or what we recognize as wrong-doings. When visible, the question you (me)must ask is, how can I work for justice for self and others, and still preserve my own inner life…how can I live in harmony while holding on to my own truth? Personally, I know this to be a constructive way to save self and to be better equipped when confronted with inequities both individually or communally.

To get there though, it is important to reflect and discern. Remind yourself daily, that that your agency continues to transform with your own strength and perseverance; this was not inherited or given to you.  You are the creator of this life, your life.  It is your remembrance, as it is your veracity. Be patient with yourself, be kind to you.

Grounded in reflection, discernment, and tribute of our own aptitudes, kind-offerings, and in love for humanity, we have scheduled our 2017 upcoming classes. Workshops are right around the corner as well. We hope that we will get to spend time with you, to learn with, share our growth, and beneficially challenge each other in the near future.

As each day passes practice self-care, live life, and be love. We certainly try to.

Have a lovely February,

Rev. O.