Autumn Greetings, 2016

As we move into the season that leads into what is sometimes known as the season of chilled darkness, I am led to reflect on what Christopher Hill pointed out in his writings. On fall, Hill shared that “…the dynamics of the fall of the year have the sweep of a great symphony or an epic poem.”

As for me, I approach this time of the year with sweet gestures and pure thoughts in the knowing that this season offers me a time to rest from my garden, catch up on projects around the house, do more crafting, allow myself more time to minister to and with those in need, enjoy and appreciate every snowflake, share with friends of different faiths the many observations they hold, and meet new acquaintances toward lasting and rich relationships. The epic poems I think about and write upon are so often depicted by these common and gentle experiences.

The autumn season provides us with moments of balance, of letting go of those things and occasionally people that no longer serve our higher good, and to declare transiency; for life and heart are always evolving just as the trees know when to rest. Be still and embrace it all during this time. Make these your light in times of darkness.

As we move into this most wonderful time of the year think of what Cynthia Kneen shared in her beautiful creation Awaken Mind, Open Heart.

“When you are brave and have an open heart, you have affection for this world – this sunlight, this other human being, this experience. You experience it nakedly, and when it touches your heart, you realize this world is very fleeting. So it is perfect to say ‘Hello means good-bye.’ And also, ‘My hope, hello again. ”

Today, I say goodbye to summer 2016, with hopes that I may say ‘hello again’ when winter is gone and light comes so easily once again.


Rev. O


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