Knowing Yourself as a Primary Goal

Although I try to refrain from speaking anything related to politics, I am still feeling a sort of iciness in the air as this relates to dated rhetoric and representations of separation. As someone who was born in Central America, the construct of this linguistic derision still seems to hit home even after almost forty years of living in the United States. The uneasiness, the disrespect, and the levels of current injustices have forced me to look deeply at myself and to dissect my own insecurities and unkind thoughts. Digging deeper and going wider, have both provided me with the longing, actions, and considerations that in becoming self-aware, I am better able to raise my moral standards.  It is in this process and mental framework that I can truly climb to the mountain top with a compass of decency as my guide.

Behavior depicts circumstances, whether good or bad. It is never about culture or religious beliefs. It is about what we think and do that is only propelled by our own actions and spoken words. Conversely, my question to you is…do you know yourself or are you led by words and the behavioral patterns of others? Are you not the leader and carrier of your own compass, which was given to you and only you? It has been said time-and-time again, when we are pleased with who we are and continue to become, everyone and everything around us benefits. Wow! What a special gift this could be for you, me, and the world. So if you too are feeling a little of the emotional strain I discussed, remember, go deeper within and widen your perspectives. I am most certain that some of the answers will be presented to you sooner than you could ever imagine.

Do enjoy the process.

Rev. O